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Welcome to the SwinGame SDK documentation!

Here you will find the documentation on using the SwinGame API. Currently there are SwinGame software development kits for the following languages.

Games developed in SwinGame can also be compiled to run cross platform. Develop with Pascal, Visual Basic or Visual C# and your code can be compiled to run on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. This gives you the freedom to work on the platform of your choice, while still allowing you to distribute your game to people on other platforms.

SwinGame is built on top of the Simple DirectMedia Layer library, and the JEDI SDL pascal interface.

Tip: Wanting to get started quickly? Download the SDK of your choice then follow the First Step tutorial. With these things under your belt you will be ready to start work on your own games!



The tutorials guide you through the development of a small game, providing you with an example of how to use the SwinGame SDK to implement a game. The aim of these tutorials is to help introduce you to the API (Application Programmer Interface), and what it is capable of.

  • Getting Started - A quick guide to help you get started with your own SwinGame
  • First Step - A quick tutorial to get you started with SwinGame.
  • Ping Pong - Another quick tutorial for SwinGame using Visual Basic .NET.
  • Battleships - This is a short tutorial designed to illustrate the use of SwinGame along with flowcharts, Nassi-Schneiderman diagrams, pseudo-code, and file processing.
  • VBugs - This in depth tutorial takes you from scratch to creating a complete bug splat game with levels and score

There are also some more indepth tutorials that go through the process of create larger games.

Other tutorials include:

  • Mappy Tutorial - Mappy is program for making backdrops (maps) to be used in your game. This tutorial shows you how to make and export a valid map in Mappy.

How To's

The How To articles show you how to implement different features in your games. Each article focuses on a different part of the SwinGame API, showing you how to achieve the desired effect using the supported programming languages.

API Documentation

The documentation for SwinGame is divided into four categories. Each category provides you with documentation related to working with a certain aspect of your game. The categories of documentation are listed below. Within each category you will find routines and data types sorted by topic as well as alphabetically.

  • Core - the core of the SwinGame SDK, things that all games will need
  • Audio - audio routines to load and play sounds and music
  • Graphics - graphics routines to load and draw graphics
  • Physics - physics routine to check a collision and work with vectors
  • Shapes - shapes routines to manipulate and create the shapes
  • Font - font routines to draw texts
  • Input - input routines to obtain inputs from the user
  • Camera - camera routines to change a viewpoint
  • MappyLoader - map routines to load, draw, free, and use Maps
  • GameResources - resource management routines to load and manage the resources
  • Known issues

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