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Tutorials provide you with step by step instructions on getting started developing a game. Each of the tutorials provides working source code and resources that you can use to get started with the SwinGame SDK.

Getting Started

The First Step tutorial has been written to help you get started using the SwinGame SDK. This is provided in multiple languages and goes through the steps of creating a simple 2 player Pong game. You will learn to manage game resources, draw images, create moving sprites, handle keyboard input, play sounds, perform collisions, and generally learn how games are put together with SwinGame. Once you have completed this tutorial you should be ready to start exploring the SDK yourself.

More introductory tutorials are available on the Documentation page.

Game Tutorials

The tutorials guide you through the development of a small game, providing you with an example of how to use the SwinGame SDK to implement a game. The aim of these tutorials is to help introduce you to the API (Application Programmer Interface), and what it is capable of.

  • Getting Started - A quick guide to help you get started with your own SwinGame
  • First Step - A quick tutorial to get you started with SwinGame.
  • Ping Pong - Another quick tutorial for SwinGame using Visual Basic .NET.
  • Battleships - This is a short tutorial designed to illustrate the use of SwinGame along with flowcharts, Nassi-Schneiderman diagrams, pseudo-code, and file processing.
  • VBugs - This in depth tutorial takes you from scratch to creating a complete bug splat game with levels and score

There are also some more indepth tutorials that go through the process of create larger games.

Other tutorials include:

  • Mappy Tutorial - Mappy is program for making backdrops (maps) to be used in your game. This tutorial shows you how to make and export a valid map in Mappy.

General Tutorials

These tutorials cover some additional aspects of developing your game.

  • Mappy Tutorial - Tutorial on how to make and export a valid map in Mappy.
  • 3D Artwork - How to create simple 3d graphics.

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